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Very rare item according to garuda puran one who possess such gajmani get immense wealth , remove obstacles and live life king size Brhat Samhita, Chapter 51 - "The elephants that are born in the winter solstice (uttara-yapa) during an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon are named Bhadra. It is said that pearls are produced in the heads and in the sockets of the tusks of elephants of Airavata's family at the Moon's conjunction with the asterism Pusya or Sravana synchronous with a Sunday or Monday, as well as of the Bhadra class of elephants. These pearls are numerous, large, brilliant, and of various shapes. These are beyond any estimate and should not be perforated, being too brilliant. When they are worn by kings, they prove highly sanctifying and bestow children, victory, and sound health. " it found in various shape and size jsut check for availibilty and price