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108 night bhairav talisman pearl

Rs. 35250/ USD 750

This bhairav talisman pearl is natural pearl found in Himalayan region and then 108 night powerful tantrik ritual conduct to activate and energised this power bhairav pearl. Bhairav is the fearless form of Lord shiva and whenever Lord shiva want to destroy anything he take the form of Bhairav which is fearless and can destroy anyone in this universe . In every temple of Goddess shakti He guard the temple from any mishaps and evil energy to enter So this powerful bhairav talisman pearl is very powerful to give you total protection from any sort of evil power in this world ,black magic and where he stay no evil can enter in your house or in your body . it open any sort of bandhan prayog (black magic done to close the money flow )done in business or home . Nobody dare to do black magic on you The powerful power of Bhairav always guard you from all sort of troubles and from spiritual armour . Give you good heatlh , wealth and money . This 108 night pearl come with very powerful secret mantra of Bhairav tell by very powerful tantrik Guru stay in deep forest You can keep this power pearl in pocket or also wear it as pendant or braclet in wrist .