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Brahma Genei

Rs. 51700/ USD 1100

Brahma genei is the Indian genei , it is the genei with a spiritual power to solve the human problem .It belong to Brahmin family and have choti ( a bunch of hair in middle of head) .It is said he have all sacred text knowledge . He guide you throughout your life ,protect you from any mishaps,accidents,sudden obstacles or any evil power and entities . If you have any problem in business , he can solve it with ease , If your shop is not running , customer is not coming,effected with evil eye or black magic , he will remove all evil effect and attract customer for you and make your shop well known in city or locality. IF you have problem in workplace ,effected with enemies and competitor , he will shut their mouth and make you progress and successful . Help you to make wealthy and successful in sort time . It will help you win lotto , betting,and any sort of play.Make you successful in any sports. It is fully activated and energised and ready to use. This talisman can be made only on very highly auspicious day . So if you want to place the order let it know in advance .