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Ancient keris Type 1

Rs. 35250/ USD 750

This keris suppose to belong to Ancient nag devta ( the serpent which have power to transform himself in form of human) . This keris have magical virtues of Nag devta and whoever acquired it automatically all power shifted to acquirer . What give the power to keris is the spirit of the nag devta reside in it as it belong to him . Different keris have different power . keris can be used by well experienced magician which they use to add more power by doing different rituals . It is also very good for beginner or common people . you have to just hold it in you hand and visualize you intention and the spirit of the keris will automatically help to fulfill the intention . you can also frame it and hang it at the wall or kept in pocket it will protect you from background , protect you from harm and drawing wealth and good luck , it can also neutralise enemies and making successful in debates and interviews , enhance attraction power ,magnetism , protect you from psychic attacks and black magic . Very good for spiritual development and psychic abilities enhancement it also enhance the power ichadhari mani .SIZE is 4.3 inches