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Archangel talisman and stone

Rs. 63450/ USD 1350

In this talisman stone you can easily see the natural formed Angel picture on it . It contains the Power of Archangel who known as Angel of highest rank among all angels . There are three arch angels mentioned in Christianity 1) Gabriel 2) Michael 3)Raphael . Angels known as equivalent to God or known as incarnation of God . They known as for peace , prosperity and protection .This talisman provide the aquirer high level of protection ,success ,peace and prosperity .They give us guidance to deal with day to day problems and obstacles. The angel is also known for luck and spiritual development and attraction. They also provide good health as they have healing power .The good thing about angels are they don't harm us in anyway . So by keeping this talisman with us we prosper in our life very fast and our all dream and wishes comes true . Only one piece available exactly as per picture .Next availability not known .