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Asth laxmi ansuthan ( akshay tritya special)

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This is very powerful ritual to get blessing of Goddess LAxmi ( hindu goddess of wealth and money ) Their is 8 forms of Goddess laxmi , which can fullfill human all desires they are 1) aiswarya laxmi ( prosperity) 2)bhagya laxmi ( luck and remove curse)3)vaibahav laxmi ( success and prmotion) 4)saubhagya laxmi (Fortune and marriage) 5) vijaya laxmi ( victory) 6)Gaja Laxmi ( power and strength 7) Dhanlaxmi ( one who shower wealth 8) vidya laxmi ( For knowledge and wisdom ) In this ritual we perform the jap ( mantra reciting )of each form of goddess laxmi and then perform the havan , it is 5 days anusthan or ritual this ritual is sufficent for to get all comforts of life and removing obstacles in all spheres of life and and change human fate and remove poverty . According to Hindu mythology if this anusthan perform by any person he or she never look back in his or her life and change the fortune and destiny of human