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Aswa Khodam stone Type 2(sold)

Rs. 58750/ USD 1250

Aswa khodam stone is the very rare and the natural stone with super natural power. You can clearly see the horse symbol on this stone created naturally . It hold the power of aswa khodam which have tremendous power to make person successful in any field weather he or she is in business , any profession ,politics ,sports , or do gambling or play lottery .It make you successful ,lucky ,wealthy and prosper in very sort time. As horse is capable of running fast and witty ,this aswa khodam power also make you wealthy and rich in very sort time .It will also provide you protection from any evil magic or bad power . The Aswa khodam come as exactly same as shown in picture .As it is natural stone so it is difficult to find any other piece of it . Contact us for availibility One of the most rarest and collectible talisman stone