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Beesa kavach/Amulet

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Beesa kavach or amulet is use to attaining desires and remove difficulties. Some people called it Durga Beesa shakti , after wearing it native get protection by the Goddess Durga Grace. It neutralise the effect of black magic or any tantra mantra effect on anybody Give the wearer good health , money , power . Goddess Durga is one of the powerful Hindu Goddess which hold the power of all Hindu God and Godess , they give HER the power to destroy the evil in this world . Beesa kavach made on the auspicious period. like Deepawali, Holi, Solar & Moon eclipse etc and japa and yagna perform to energised it in very auspicious time You will feel the change in your life within month after acquirng it This kavach come in the silver pendant and the energised kavach feel in this kavach pendant