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For to attract Wealth and money

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a) Mantra :- Aum Hrim Shrim Aim Klim Mahalaxmi mum Grahe agacha agacha aum Swaha Procedure :- Do it everyday as much as you can minimum start with one round of mala , use Spahtik Mala .Sit facing east and place mahalaxmi yantra in front of you , you will see amazing result in short period. b) Mantra :- Aum Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamle Kamlalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Aum Mahalaxmayee namah . Procedure :-Recite the above mantra daily as much as you can minimum 21 times or more in front of mahalaxmi yantra , you will see the amazing result after some days , your pocket will never be empty .