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Ganesh puja anusthan

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Lord Ganesh is the Form Of Om , the ultimate power of this universe. He is the God of wisdom and he is worshipped to remove obstacles , for siddhi , success in undertaking . He is worshipped before the start of any good work or ventures or performing any puja or worship of any GOD or Goddessess . He is the God of education , knowledge ,wisdom ,litreture and the fine arts . Thier is no superior above Him . His puja anusthan perform to remove obstacles in business, education, day to day activities and made the performer successful in every path of his life . He give the human ridhi and siddhi ( ridhi means prosperity and sidhies means all power available in this universe ) .he also give the performer money and wealth In this anusthan we perform the 1.25 lakh jap ( mantra reciting) of vighnharta mantra of Lord ganesh and continue for 7 days start from auspicious days and daily yagna performed for 7 days