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Ganpati bhairav talisman( SOLD)

Rs. 103400/ USD 2200

This ganpati bhairav talisman is naturally form in the root of the very auspicious swetark plant . In the swetark plant the root itself take the shpe of lord ganpati also know as lord ganesh ( hindu diety ). Not all plant contain this lord ganesh shape in the root , it very rare item , it taken out in the very auspicious time guru pushya nakshatra . We have just discover this very powerful shape of the lord ganesh with the lord bhairav Bhairav is a manifestation of Lord Shiva in his Rudra form; the dreadful form, from which even death (Kaal) fears. The fast, undertaken on this day, is fruitful, believed to be a protection from direct and indirect obstacles in life. Bhairav's conveyance is a dog. Lord ganesh is the form of omkareshwer . so if this talisman worshipped properly acquirer get all asth sidhi . This shape is naturally taken shape and it is very powerfully combination according to hindu mythology . It give all sort of protection , give you all type of spiritual power ,give you weatlh and money , all comforts of life and wishes will comes true promotion , business expansion , remove obstacles , give you physchic power , improve intution , mke you knowledgeable in every feild , make you intellegent , succesful in exams , protect you from armor , give you protection from black magic attacks , clear negative energy , spiritual development . We never come accross this type of natural talisman , only one and only one piece available and we never thiink that we get another piece of it .