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Health Related Yognas

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For performing Yagna devotees name, his/her problems/knowledge are required. Seekers can convey their noble desires to us and our Scholars pass that problem to Almighty through this process by chanting Mantra related to your's problem. This Yagna is performed on behalf of devotees. Seekers become benefitted which will come in the way of prosperity, happiness and joy. This will have no side effects. The positive result may be achieved through this Yagna. The result may happen very shortly or have long time duration but do have. All Yagnas are performed with special types of Yagnas are performed at our other branches but it depends on nature of Yagna. To perform Yagna it takes Seven, Fifteen or Twenty One days and our scholar's numbers can be exceed to reduce the Yagnas period as it depends the counting method of Mantras