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Mangal Puja anusthan

Rs. 35250/ USD 600

Mangal puja anusthan Mangal or planet mars is the most important planet and play the important role in our horoscope . If it is benefic in our horoscope it give us prosperity ,property ,good wife and abundance of wealth and blessed with son and provide manhood. and if it malefic , it effects is like delay in marriage, disputed property or any related property issue ,legal problem .delay in promotion , sudden mishaps or accidents, always in debt and money problem and it also give us blood and bone related illness . By doing this mangal anusthan it remove the all malefic effects of planet mars and make it strong in our horoscope or kundli . and help us solve various issues related with property ,health and money also useful for healing .Also very helpful to clear or debt and make us debt free. So we are organising this mangal puja anusthan for 5 days by 7 brahmins and 1.25 lakh of vedic mangal jap or mantra reciting done . After placing order send us the full detail name and birth details whatever you have through email.