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Matasya Mani

Rs. 75200/ USD 1600

This mani is very rarely found mani and holding the power of matasya avtar of lord vishnu It is among the highest grade of mani holding super natural power . It provide high level of protection and luck to the acquirer . The person feel blessed and lot of positive changes happen in his life . It provide protection from evil power ,ghost and black magic. It has a power to change human fate and destiny . It increase the positive aura and magnetism and have strong vashikaran effect ,one can acheive name and fame .people will respect you and listen you. Provide promotion .good health .wealth and bring peace . It is also good for spiritual development ,increase physhic abilities and to attain sidhies . It can be wear as ring ,amulet or can be kept in locker or puja alter Only one piece is available at present .