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Megha Mani ( cloud pearl)

Rs. 150400/ USD 3200

We have nothing much to say more about this megha mani ( cloud pearl) , the person who have knowledge about it know everthing about it .One of the most auspicious item in planet . Megha mani create at the time lightining or thunderbolt at sky , when it fall somewhere at hilly areas on some rocks or any thing , it take the form of mani , it called megha mani , it doesnt form easily and it very rarely it found , mostly it found in hiily areas , Thunderbolt is the also called God Indra ashtra , and creation of megh mani is the gift of God to us , In garuda purana it clearly mentioned that their are nine auspicious mani availble on planet and the one is megha mani . It used for various purpose , and many shamams and guru used for it for getting enlightenment . it give you peace , harmony , wealth and protection .This mani provide the good health ,healing and longevity to the acquirer .Just contact us for more information , It the highly auspicious item can the person with great luck can acquired this .