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Powerful Pratyangira ritual talisman for enemies and evil energies

Rs. 110000/ USD 1300

Ma Pratyangira devi is a very powerful form  goddess which remove and destroy all enemies , black magic and evil power who try to harm you in any way . She is said to be having 1008 faces  and 2016 hands . She is a powerful energy that can repel all type of  evil energies . She is very much intelligent and expertise in warfare  which help worshipper to remove all enemies tactfully and intellegently .Very useful for business for to win big tenders .  Pratyangira is often shown with a dark complexion and fierce aspect – she has a lion’s face with red eyes and rides a lion. She is either fully nude or attired in black garments and wears a garland of human skulls. In her four hands, she holds a trident, a hand-drum, a snake in the form of a noose and a skull . According to hindu mythology she is one of the most powerfull goddess among all for to destroy all enemies and evil forces who try to harm you . We perform powerful ritual and prepare special talisman. This powerful ritual done in shamsan( graveyard ) for 11 days , and several tantriks involved in this ritual and preparing this tlisman . Just wear this talisman around the neck or kept with you .