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Powerful protection talisman(Sold)

Rs. 84600/ USD 1800

Rarest of rarest and powerful talisman for protection , and its one of its kind . We acquired it from very good source and it is proof that it have life as its white tail grow naturally . We never come across such talisman and it function is also very strong , it provide you protection from any sort of powerful evil power in this world . Very useful and powerful talisman for to remove evil power like bad ghost , jinn , evil spirit from you body . As this talisman have life it will provide you 24 hours protection . from any black magic , evil power , accidents , sudden mishaps , psychic attacks; any sort spiritual armour . Nobody dare to touch you . This powerful talisman is also very good for to get money and wealth , open new source of income , promotion in service , enhancement of business and remove obstacles in business and day to day activities . It the very rare raw magickal power talisman . NO STOCK .