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Sanjeevani Mahamritunjaya talisman

Rs. 22325/ USD 475

Mahamritunjaya talisman is very powerful talisman for to cure all sort of ailment from body , We energized this talisman with very powerful and ancient sanjeevani mantra for a one month with secret tantrik method . It have a power to cure many disease , It remove all sort of ill effects and give total protection from all sort of evil powers , If the person is effected with black magic it remove black magic effects and give the person new life .It have tremendous healing power and it give energy to the acquirer. It help to quit any sort of addiction . It give peace of mind and guide you to take right decision in business and improve intuition and give physicic energy.Wounds heals quickly . Guard from all sort of sudden accidents . Remove unnecessary fear .and remove depression It also improve business if it kept in business place and give money and wealth to acquirer. This talisman has tremendous powerful positive energy for to neutralize ill effects all sort of bad powers and any sort of vastu dosh at home or office .The shape and size of the talisman may be differ from picture as per availibility