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Satchandi anusthan yagna

Rs. 100000/ USD 2100

Satchandi anusthan is one of the most auspicious ritual in hindu mythology in which we have to do perform the ritual for 11 days with 11 preist and everday the fire ritual perform with special cow ghee and lot of herbal product and lot of ingreidents needed to perform this anusthan In this anusthan 108 path of durga saptsati path and puja perform and all nine goddess durga forms give the blessing the performer . it give immense wealth and money to performer , open new doors of income in business and professional life , remove all sort of obstacles and evil effects remove black magic, evil energies completely and give further protection , give moksha to ancestor , and increase spirtual power , enhance will power , remove mental agony , change your luck and destiny , release you from curse and sins and all nine goddess give blessing to the performer . Full family get protection by performing this ritual Nothing is greater than this anusthan according to hindu mthology We send the fully energised talisman kavach and yantra after completion of this satchandi anusthan