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Shiv Shakti Power

Rs. 11750/ USD 250

We infused Shiv Shakti power in very special type of rarely found rudraksha . It is very powerful item to destroy all enemies , fully energised for 3 months to infused shiva and Goddess Durga power . Acquirer can wear it or keep in pocket or in safe place , Acquirer feel the power of Shiva and shakti in himself or herself , after acquiring it you will develop your intution power and it help you to remove all negativity of bad planets in horoscope , keep you gaurd against black magic and accidents , you can become reputed in society and it has power to give you high status in society , Give good health and wealth If you acquired it then only you know about is miraclous function . it has a power to attract any person who come in front of you and he or she will listen you whatever you say . Nobody dare to oppose you when you have this power in you pocket , Very powerful tool for businessman who want to developed his communication skill , just acquired it and feel the difference in yourself