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Spell to remove black magic

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This yagna or havan or fire ritual perform after reciting of 54 thousand of Baglamukhi Mantra . This is very powerful rituals for removing all types of legal problems , false accusations,false legal troubles/court cases Now a days many people jelous with each other , and they do black magic for to stop the growth of the certain person , which we can called black magic, This rituals is very powerful tool to remove all types of black magic . THis rituals also neutralise the bad effects of planets like Rahu, ketu , effects in our horoscope and it also netralise the bad effects of person suffering in mahadasa of Rahu or Ketu . According to hindu mythology this ritual is one of the most powerful tantrik ritual till date to neutralise any sort of evil power , ghost ,evil spirits geneis, and it give total protection . In Hindu text its called brahmastra against rivals and enemies . This rituals has so much of power that it can also stop even all supreme power to do any sort of mischeif and destroy all enemies and rivals .This rituals is conducted by 21 tantrik saints for 21 days and each day their is havan or fire rituals for one hours and last their is fire rituals for full days