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Surya Mala ( sun rosary)

Rs. 91650/ USD 1950

This mala consist of 27 beads of nepali 12 mukhi rudraksha beads with one beads of one mukhi in silver capping . It very powerful mala and it is very useful for businessman , politician and administrator , It gives the wearer all sort of prosperity , name and fame and it also useful for the person who is working in film industry as a actor or actress . It give the total protection from any sort of nazar dosh and the person protects from black magic . the person who are want to get name and fame in very sort time this mala is very useful for him or her . It give the wearer a hypnotic power and attraction in the feild of business or mass hypnotism . It also very useful for buisness person who dealing with government job or government supplier or governement related work .It also very useful for the person who are in any profession.